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Why Come to the Outer Banks?

Posted on August 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The wonderful islands of the Outer Banks provide for some amazing vacation destinations. The many unique towns that run along these narrow strips of sand will make your vacation unforgettable. Once you cross over the bridge you’ll realize you reached paradise. From the northernmost tip which borders Virginia to the island of Ocracoke, which is accessible only by ferry, the diversity is truly breathtaking.

Many people make a must stop to see the wild mustangs of the Outer Banks. The horses are protected in sanctuaries in Corolla and Ocracoke. These mustangs believed to be brought here early along with settlers have amazingly survived the harsh conditions of the Island. The horses are believed to be direct descendents of Spanish Mustangs the first settlers brought with them.

Another must see is the Wright Brothers Memorial in Kill Devil Hills. What more can be said about the change two brothers from Ohio made on the world. This is truly something to be seen to take a minute and appreciate the accomplishment that was aided by the prevailing winds of the Outer Banks.

A local state park that you can see from the highway but you must pull in to feel the full effect is Jockey’s Ridge State Park. This state park is the largest sand dune on the east coast. The total height is always changing based on the winds. It is never the same place twice. It is one place I would recommend you visit every time you visit the Outer Banks. The view and tranquility is worth every minute you are here.

The Outer Banks besides these few vacation ideas are full of restaurants, art galleries, and many local stores that flavor the islands. You definitely want to make a trip to the Outer Banks if you never have. The abundance of things to do and places to see make for a fulfilling vacation year after year.