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Things to Do in London – The South Bank

Posted on May 14, 2018 in Uncategorized

London is vast and wonderful city for those that live and work there and for the millions of visitors every year. There is plenty to see and to do whether you are visiting for the day, for a longer holiday or perhaps for a weekend in London.

Regardless of whether you are visiting alone, on a romantic break with your partner or spending some time in the city with the whole family, you will never be short of entertainment and places to visit.

Perhaps one of the busiest and most popular areas of London for visitors is the famous South Bank, which as the name would suggest occupies a stretch of the south bank of the River Thames. Even without going into any of the attractions, there is still plenty to take in as you walk along this pleasant stretch of the river.

You will encounter street performers and artists, some of them of a really high standard and the beauty of this sort of entertainment is that it is free, unless you want to donate a few pennies! Aside from being a really lovely place to walk, there really are some top attractions in this part of London, so let’s just take a brief look at some of them.

River Cruises – A trip on the river itself is a fantastic way of absorbing some of the city atmosphere with a unique vantage point. There are plenty of places up and down the river where you can join a cruise and of course there are cruises that have different itineraries, so it’s worth looking at what you want to see before you hop on board.

London Eye – If you enjoyed the view of London you got from being on the river, why not try the view from above it. From ground level you can see the London Eye from practically all over London, so if you are looking for the South Bank, head for the Eye! Once you are in one of the capsules on the London Eye, you might be surprised at just how long one circuit takes, giving you plenty of time to spot all those landmarks as you rise high into the sky.

Aquarium – Not far from the Eye is the Sea Life aquarium which is a great place to visit with the whole family and will give you a chance to spot all sorts of aquatic wildlife, including penguins!

BFI IMAX – If you love to see movies on a big screen, it doesn’t get much better than state of the art IMAX, which again makes a great place to visit with the kids.