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The Art and Science of M&A

Posted on June 18, 2018 in Uncategorized

The year 2008 witnessed a total of only, $2.89 trillion in the name of global M&A volume. This annual figure of M&A deals is the lowest since 2005. On the other hand, the number of failed M&A deals seem to be on a rapid rise. Most experts blame the heightened ‘scrutiny’ involved in the M&A valuation and due diligence process as the cause for the low global merger volume. However, 2009 proves that most of 2008’s “scrutinized” deals have converted well in the year. Therefore, the fault lies elsewhere.

The reason behind the fall in M&A activities is not the intense scrutiny that the deals are begin subjected to, but in fact the lack of understanding of both the science and the art of these deals. While most experts seem to pay great attention to the value calculations of an M&A deal, the creative aspect tends to take a back seat. These economic times indicate that creativity is no longer an advantage in the business world, but rather an absolute necessity. It is therefore critical to the success of any M&A transaction that all parities concerned understand the scientific formulas involved along with the peculiarities of a deal that demand special handling.

Be it a hostile takeover or friendly one, there is no doubt that mathematical logistics play a huge role in an M&A deal. However, intertwined in these formulas is the subjective solution, which demands a more creative approach.

A few such aspects are discussed below:

  • Acquisition cost – The “price” of the target company is one of the most essential calculations in an M&A deal, but this is only part of the acquisition cost. These are several issues involved in the process from the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to the cost of equity, everything contributes towards calculating the acquisition cost. To make matters more complicated, these calculations differ from private to public sectors due to rate of interest, as well as tax exemptions. All in all, it would be safe to say that calculating the acquisition cost is definitely a scientific aspect of an M&A deal and requires professionals of a high caliber to get the job done. However, these calculations do not follow a rigid path and need to be altered according to situations. This alteration of the basic formulas is an art rather than a science.
  • Valuation – Once more, most parties depend on the formulas only, when undertaking a valuation of the company. While the intrinsic value maybe more easily calculated by balance sheets and other similar tools, the relative value involves a personalized approach and therefore is more of an art than a science. Needless to say, that both aspects must be adhered to when seeking the perfect solution
  • Buyer selection – Choosing which buyer is most suitable for a particular seller is not simply a matter of looking at the highest offer price. Analyzing the suitability of a buyer, requires complex study of the company being sold, the seller’s expectations, etc and therefore demands an M&A intermediary of great experience and knowledge to undertake the task. While the offer price will play an intrinsic role here, the buyer’s intentions must collaborate with the sellers plans too.
  • Time to sell – Laws of the land change all the time when figuring out when the time will be most lucrative to sell, is not a matter of calculations alone. Keeping abreast of the latest in the industry and having knowledge of laws that are in the pipeline is essential when calculating the most suitable time to sell. Again the obvious mix of formulas with the artistic nature ‘gut feelings’ is obvious here
  • Hiring appropriately – Hiring brokers and banks is a common practice for those undertaking M&A deals, however keep in mind that not everyone is capable of handling each project. Always hire keeping in mind, sector relevance along with of course the size of the deal. Over and above obvious factors such as credibility, confidentiality and efficiency, it will help to work with licensed brokers rather than not. Do not make the fatal mistake of depending only on your lawyers to undertake the deal. As explained above, successful M&A deals require a creative understanding of the situation, which maybe outside of your lawyers capacity.

The art behind an M&A deal is what sets apart success from failure. Do not hesitate to scrutinize, irrespective of whether you are a buyer or a seller.

Learn the Art of Living Your Dreams

Posted on June 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

As an adolescent, did you have dreams of how your future was going to turn out? Do you remember the excitement of growing up enough to get behind the wheel of a car, because that meant you were soon going to start making those dreams become reality? Now, ten years and a couple of kids later, you are still no closer to your dreams than when you were are youngster? You need to learn the art of living your dreams, and there is no time like the present.

Of course, over the years maybe your dreams have changed. You love your children, and you would not trade them for the world, but life is still not what you hoped it could become. You no longer dreaming of traveling the world and going to a gala event every other night, but you have a desire for a better job, more money in the bank, a nice car, and maybe a dream vacation.

Did you know that your view of life is usually a predictor of how it will actually turn out? If you constantly dwell on what is wrong in your life, how will you recognize when something right comes along. If you have an attitude of “I can’t”, you cannot discover that you in fact can accomplish what you desire.

For example, what if you wish you had gone to college after high school. Dwelling on past perceived failures, you might miss a golden opportunity. You see yourself as too old or too poor to go back to school. How do you know? What if you changed you mindset and started to believe in yourself. If you did, you might discover income sources or scholarships for non-traditional college students especially set aside for parents who want a better future.

How many times do you lament over not having enough money? Instead of wasting another day on empty wishes, you need to learn the art of living your dreams. Expect life to get better; develop a habit of thinking positive thoughts, and looking for opportunities to make things better. The key is: you need to learn to expect to find them.

No, it does not necessarily mean what you want will simply drop in your lap or be left on your doorstep. You will have to be an active participant in living your dreams. But, the point is, if you have the will to believe that good things will come your way-they will. Why? You will be expecting to be blessed, you will not just wish it, and lament the opposite. You can learn the art of living your dreams.


I Am Not Thinking About the Click Bank Pirate System – I Am Doing It

Posted on June 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am new to Internet Marketing and I have decided to get started by promoting digital products from the Click Bank Marketplace.  This seems like an easy task when you start out trying to create extra income on the Internet, but after trying for the last 8 months that is the farthest from the truth.  There are many things to consider and many you do not think about until you are in the midst of the project.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of many business budgets, so it is apparent that they absolutely can not grow without a good plan.

First, Click Bank has one of the biggest stables of digital products to promote.  Once you find an interesting product Click Bank provides the product, the sales page from the owner of the product and a unique identifier.  To get in on the action and get paid you become an affiliate marketer.  The problem with most of these programs is that they sign up affiliates and then leave them hanging.

These are the things I had to consider once I got into the affiliate marketing arena.  First, how to get people to go to the sales page.   If I am able to do that, what happens to the person I sent?  I have a blog so I can post information about the product and supply a link for the person to find out more information.  Ok, how do I keep in touch with this person?  I need a squeeze page to have the person sign up and start a relationship to help us both out.  So let us see, what do we need so far?  1. We need to do research on a product from the Click Bank Marketplace to see if my promotion efforts will pay off.  2. I need a blog and a hosting account to promote this product.  3.  I need to host another site for a squeeze page to create a list of subscribers to build a marketing relationship. 4. I need an auto-responder service to keep track of my list and easily send out emails 5. build and develop these sites.  Wow, this is way more work than I imagined.

Yes, I found a solution. Click Bank Pirate is truly a one stop marketing shop. Users log on to the system and see a pleasing graphic menu that will guide them step by step. Not only will they receive training but also be able to manage all aspects of the turnkey affiliate program. In fact, if you can play a computer game, you are more than qualified to use this system. Let’s go back to what we decided we needed to create a campaign:

1. research and pick a product – Click Bank Pirate does that for you and not just for one product but four.
2. CBP supplies a ready go blog to post information and supply links to the products at your disposal. 
3. The hosting for the blog and the professional squeeze pages for each product is provided.
4. CBP gives you a working auto-responder with state of the art affiliate tracking capabilities. 

In addition they have followup auto-responder emails all written that are sent to your list that you are developing; automatically.  Now the one thing that you did not think about when you started this – How do I do all this so it makes sense.  They have an extensive training program with webinars, videos and step by step cash maps that you can follow.  Sound to good to be true, the proof is in the pudding.

There are many nuances that go into a successful affiliate marketing campaign. For one thing, you can’t get residual income from these programs without generating leads. And, you can’t get leads if prospects can’t find what you have to offer. More and more, web sites are using things like SEO or search engine optimization. This creates a network that points right back to your site and pages. Blogs are always increasingly popular as a way to drive traffic.  By personalizing the Click Bank Pirate system you can take all the points needed to develop a work from home campaign as I did and create additional income.

Today, there is a major move toward making money from home. I am classified as a baby boomer and expect to retire within 3 years and to guarantee enough money to do this I am glad I was introduced to this system.  Whether you are a beginner looking for a leg up or a seasoned marketer, you should definitely look at the “Click Bank Pirate System”.