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Learn the Art of Living Your Dreams

Posted on June 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

As an adolescent, did you have dreams of how your future was going to turn out? Do you remember the excitement of growing up enough to get behind the wheel of a car, because that meant you were soon going to start making those dreams become reality? Now, ten years and a couple of kids later, you are still no closer to your dreams than when you were are youngster? You need to learn the art of living your dreams, and there is no time like the present.

Of course, over the years maybe your dreams have changed. You love your children, and you would not trade them for the world, but life is still not what you hoped it could become. You no longer dreaming of traveling the world and going to a gala event every other night, but you have a desire for a better job, more money in the bank, a nice car, and maybe a dream vacation.

Did you know that your view of life is usually a predictor of how it will actually turn out? If you constantly dwell on what is wrong in your life, how will you recognize when something right comes along. If you have an attitude of “I can’t”, you cannot discover that you in fact can accomplish what you desire.

For example, what if you wish you had gone to college after high school. Dwelling on past perceived failures, you might miss a golden opportunity. You see yourself as too old or too poor to go back to school. How do you know? What if you changed you mindset and started to believe in yourself. If you did, you might discover income sources or scholarships for non-traditional college students especially set aside for parents who want a better future.

How many times do you lament over not having enough money? Instead of wasting another day on empty wishes, you need to learn the art of living your dreams. Expect life to get better; develop a habit of thinking positive thoughts, and looking for opportunities to make things better. The key is: you need to learn to expect to find them.

No, it does not necessarily mean what you want will simply drop in your lap or be left on your doorstep. You will have to be an active participant in living your dreams. But, the point is, if you have the will to believe that good things will come your way-they will. Why? You will be expecting to be blessed, you will not just wish it, and lament the opposite. You can learn the art of living your dreams.