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I Am Not Thinking About the Click Bank Pirate System – I Am Doing It

Posted on June 4, 2018 in Uncategorized

I am new to Internet Marketing and I have decided to get started by promoting digital products from the Click Bank Marketplace.  This seems like an easy task when you start out trying to create extra income on the Internet, but after trying for the last 8 months that is the farthest from the truth.  There are many things to consider and many you do not think about until you are in the midst of the project.  Marketing is one of the most important aspects of many business budgets, so it is apparent that they absolutely can not grow without a good plan.

First, Click Bank has one of the biggest stables of digital products to promote.  Once you find an interesting product Click Bank provides the product, the sales page from the owner of the product and a unique identifier.  To get in on the action and get paid you become an affiliate marketer.  The problem with most of these programs is that they sign up affiliates and then leave them hanging.

These are the things I had to consider once I got into the affiliate marketing arena.  First, how to get people to go to the sales page.   If I am able to do that, what happens to the person I sent?  I have a blog so I can post information about the product and supply a link for the person to find out more information.  Ok, how do I keep in touch with this person?  I need a squeeze page to have the person sign up and start a relationship to help us both out.  So let us see, what do we need so far?  1. We need to do research on a product from the Click Bank Marketplace to see if my promotion efforts will pay off.  2. I need a blog and a hosting account to promote this product.  3.  I need to host another site for a squeeze page to create a list of subscribers to build a marketing relationship. 4. I need an auto-responder service to keep track of my list and easily send out emails 5. build and develop these sites.  Wow, this is way more work than I imagined.

Yes, I found a solution. Click Bank Pirate is truly a one stop marketing shop. Users log on to the system and see a pleasing graphic menu that will guide them step by step. Not only will they receive training but also be able to manage all aspects of the turnkey affiliate program. In fact, if you can play a computer game, you are more than qualified to use this system. Let’s go back to what we decided we needed to create a campaign:

1. research and pick a product – Click Bank Pirate does that for you and not just for one product but four.
2. CBP supplies a ready go blog to post information and supply links to the products at your disposal. 
3. The hosting for the blog and the professional squeeze pages for each product is provided.
4. CBP gives you a working auto-responder with state of the art affiliate tracking capabilities. 

In addition they have followup auto-responder emails all written that are sent to your list that you are developing; automatically.  Now the one thing that you did not think about when you started this – How do I do all this so it makes sense.  They have an extensive training program with webinars, videos and step by step cash maps that you can follow.  Sound to good to be true, the proof is in the pudding.

There are many nuances that go into a successful affiliate marketing campaign. For one thing, you can’t get residual income from these programs without generating leads. And, you can’t get leads if prospects can’t find what you have to offer. More and more, web sites are using things like SEO or search engine optimization. This creates a network that points right back to your site and pages. Blogs are always increasingly popular as a way to drive traffic.  By personalizing the Click Bank Pirate system you can take all the points needed to develop a work from home campaign as I did and create additional income.

Today, there is a major move toward making money from home. I am classified as a baby boomer and expect to retire within 3 years and to guarantee enough money to do this I am glad I was introduced to this system.  Whether you are a beginner looking for a leg up or a seasoned marketer, you should definitely look at the “Click Bank Pirate System”.