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Embracing the Art of Distinction – What Makes You Uncommon?

Posted on October 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start,
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.”

~ Anonymous

In life, all of us experience passing moments of frustration, disappointment, and pain. But we also experience exquisite moments of happiness, pleasure, and bliss. I consider it an honor to assist you along this journey that we are all on, one filled with many unseen potholes, inconvenient detours, and pleasant surprises. As I think about the journey of distinction, I realize that whenever you embark upon any new endeavor, it is essential to take ample time to internalize the lessons you have effectively gleaned from the past – the pleasant, along with the not so pleasant.

Through asking questions and, particularly, by asking those questions that many fear to ask, you can unearth the treasury of wisdom that is necessary to become a person of distinction.

Here are some of those seldom asked but all-important questions:

” Did last year provide everything you hoped?

” Did you advance this past year to the degree you desired?

” Did you build long-lasting, thriving relationships?

” Did you conquer the goals you once so eagerly set out to achieve?

” Could you clearly acknowledge your greatest regret? If so, what would you have changed? What would remain the same?

” Did you move steadily forward or inch slowly backward?

” What significantly hindered you from attaining your goals?

” Today, are you truly happy with the progress you have made in your life?

Once we have completely exhausted our ability to mine valuable wisdom from the vital lessons of the past, be they victories or regrets, we can then set our sights toward embarking upon the new season ahead. At this point, a whole new series of questions must be carefully answered:

” Why is this year going to be your best so far?

” What do you honestly expect from yourself on a daily basis?

” What are your current aspirations for your life?

” How will you overcome the obstacles most people never overcome?

In writing this article, my desire is to delve much deeper than simply revealing ways to make more money or become a millionaire. True distinction encompasses the entirety of you as a person – spirit, soul, and body. While one person may amass great wealth as a bank president, if he suffers from the ramifications of chronic pain and disease, genuine prosperity eludes him. Another individual may enjoy vibrant health as the city’s most prominent heart surgeon, but if she is hounded by the relentless phone calls of creditors, would you call her existence prosperous? Why of course not! I personally define distinction as excelling in every playing field of life. My objective, in writing this article, is to teach you the art of distinction, so that you can create, for yourself and your loved ones, the life of your dreams.


Now, you might be acquainted with a handful of wonderful people who flawlessly achieve all their goals – men and women of various races and creeds who regularly rise above every challenge laid out before them. But don’t you also know many more who almost instantly opt out, especially after the rumblings of a potential life storm? Have you ever wondered why life seems to unfold that way? I certainly have.

That is why I regularly set aside time to examine the successes and mistakes of my life, particularly when approaching the onset of a new season. I encourage you to do the same, because in analyzing your current circumstances and addressing each question on a personal level, you will quickly discover the hidden thorns that have pierced the full realization of your dreams.

You may identify with such easily recognizable statements as: “I’m going to lose more weight,” “I’m going to strike it rich,” “I’m going to create spiritual disciplines,” “I’m going to give more,” or “I’m going to eat right and exercise.” Do any of these vows sound remotely familiar? We all have made similar resolutions after reading a book on health or attending a lifestyle seminar. But have we actually moved beyond the enthusiasm of desire and followed through with the habitual disciplines necessary to successfully apply what we’ve learned and attain our goals? My hope is that this article will birth inside of you a fresh start, a brand new perspective on life, a faith-filled anticipation for your future, and the corresponding actions to make that future bright.

Distinction – The Crown of Effort:

Distinction – mind, body, and spirit – isn’t painless, as portrayed by some; but neither is it the cruel taskmaster that others often perceive it to be. Of course, true distinction won’t indiscriminately show up in your life simply because you don a polite smile or wish for it to grace your front door. Genuine distinction comes only to those who have worked hard to achieve it. Oddly enough, distinction is a science (something that can be imitated and systematically reproduced) as well as an art (something that takes much grace and patience).

The art of distinction can be mastered by anyone who is willing to apply themselves to its principles. The laws that govern the earth, specifically the law of sowing and reaping, wonderfully guarantee it.

We can be sure that just as the operation of our universe is exact but complicated, so becoming a person of distinction is simple yet simultaneously complex. By deciding to obey the laws of the universe and by continually learning how to work these laws with skill and precision, you are certain to create the distinction you’ve always desired. Well-known author, James Allen, said, “Achievement is the crown of effort.” Far too few of us accept the fact that achievement never comes without a significant sacrifice. The rewards of life are only distributed to those who have chosen to embrace the art of distinction.

How do you define distinction in today’s confusing world? Distinction results only by voluntarily exchanging the efforts of your minutes, hours, and days, for what you truly desire to come to pass. Distinction isn’t just money or fame or success. It is living a life of fulfillment, knowing you are achieving the purpose for which you exist.

Abandon all thoughts that the responsibility for your unfulfilled dreams and goals can be shifted to the shoulders of someone else. Instead, embrace the innovative concept that fulfilling your dreams and achieving your goals lies solely with you. From now on, see yourself governed by this thought: The achievement of my ambitions is directly proportionate to the focused effort that I put forth.

The ultimate achievement-power of one focused individual has yet to be measured. God superbly empowered us with the most up-to-date construction tools, but we must build the house. Which type of life would you prefer: Something magnificent or “just the same old thing”?

The choices is yours.