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Creating Connections Across the Arts – Artistic Counterpart of the Scientific Search

Posted on November 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

Some artists work in one media only and others seek to find the connections between expressive artistic media. There have been times in history that are famous for artists, designers, architects, writers, dancers, musicians, and theater performers coming together. These nexus in time hum to me.

If I were to step into a time machine, I would set the dial to the Arts and Crafts Movement (late 1800s and early 1900s), or perhaps the Paris Left Bank in the 1920s, or perhaps the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s.

Throughout my life, I’ve sought to create a synthesis of the arts in my work-to bring art forms and artists together, and I’ve admired other artists who achieve this goal. We can find a synthesis of the arts most easier through performance: opera, cabaret, variety review shows, and dance performances with slides projected or painters painting as the dancers dance. The arts enhance each other as when musical interludes in the midst of a poetry reading or a talk take the message deeper. More of our senses become engaged and our soul is more open.

In my first art show “Celebrating and African Experience,” I achieved this connection across the arts in a body of work that embraced 20 large paintings on cloth, accompanying stories, chants, dance movements, and community rituals.

Many artists dream this dream and live it. They infuse themselves in a variety of art forms or perhaps a variety of media for making visual art in hopes of creating a new kind of art. They search for a break-through as a result of synthesis and finding new hybrid forms. This is the artistic counterpart of scientist seeking new life forms. For artists know that art is a life source, properly pursued.