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The Art of Creativity in Life and Business

Posted on December 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Here are some tips to give you a nudge in the right direction of creative thinking as business-survival training.

Look for the second best answer.

Kids are great at doing this. What do you do with an empty toilet paper roll? Turn it into a megaphone. Play with your cat. Curl your hair. Make binoculars. Cut, paint and use as napkin rings. Make a tall hat for your doll. Store your underwear.

Ask “What if”?

What if this were titled “The Art of Non-Creativity In Life and Business?” The very act of changing the title forces you to be creative and to ask questions.

Is non-creativity an art? How can that be? Are we now dealing in grim facts? The art of being methodical?

Ask “What if?”. “What if someone else had my challenge, and how would they handle it?” Make up someone in your mind like, say, Dr. Seuss, and ask how he would handle it.

Change your question.

You need money to grow your business?

Don’t ask, “Who’s going to lend me money?”… the bank? My family?

Change your question to, “What are different sources of capital?”

The possibilities are endless. Leverage from collateral. Other people’s credit. Creative debt such as capital in exchange for equity. Time or labor in lieu of cash. Collaborative opportunities. Overlooked assets.

Turn it upside down.

When I create artwork I turn it upside down so I can see the canvas as a whole without being distracted by the image itself. This is how you see things like negative space, color, line weight, coverage, etc.

Reverse your viewpoint. Ask yourself what is missing from the picture. What happens when you turn an idea upside down?

Here’s your picture… you plan to buy a run down house, fix it and sell it for a profit. Can you see the property? Turn the picture upside down. What are the other possible scenarios?

The house doesn’t sell and now you might be upside down indeed. Do you see the deal in another light? You’ve challenged your original exit strategy and now you might do things a little differently. You won’t go so hog wild on the upgrades, for example. You might finance the deal a little more conservatively. And now, you have two exit strategies… the only way to go.

Challenge current conventions.

Ask, “Why do we have to do it this way?” Pick a basic belief, list the conventional rules and see if you can break every one of them.

When I started buying multi-family properties it was “suggested” I begin with a little property — like 4 units. Instead, I started with a 29 unit apartment building. And, I didn’t find it from the local apartment boys (brokers), it came from making cold calls to property managers. Because of my unconventional approach I found a “pocket listing” — meaning a property not on the public market yet — and in real estate investor’s words, “priceless”.

Can you practice some creativity today? I’d love to hear your results and would be honored if you shared them.

Fun for Kids in the Outer Banks

Posted on November 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

Sure, beach lovers know that the Outer Banks is the place to be for playing in the sand and surf, but did you know the Currituck OBX in the northern part of the coast offers many fun activities for kids and family? Planning a trip to the North Carolina coast, whether during the summer or in the off-season, has never been simpler with the many activities for kids to enjoy! Here are just a few suggestions for your next trip:

SEAL for Kids Program (Safety Education and Aquatic Safety)

Children ages 7-14 can learn about the ocean, first aid, and physical fitness from the Corolla Ocean Rescue personnel. Adults are invited to attend the parent/guardian seminar offered at the same time. This two hour program is FREE and offered every Wednesday in Currituck County.


Grab some chicken, string, and a net and head to Currituck Heritage Park. Simply tie some chicken to the string, toss it in the Sound and wait for the crabs to bite! Crabbing is a fun and economical activity for kids of any age. You can also check with a local bait and tackle shop for fishing information.

Paddle Boats

Kids will love seeing turtles and other wildlife while on a paddle boat in the Currituck Sound. Paddle boating is a great way for the family to enjoy time on the water together. Some boats can hold up to 6 people.

Go-Kart Racing

Corolla Raceway features a large go-kart track. For the younger ones in your group try the bumper cars. The raceway is located in Timbuck II Center.

Wildlife Education Center

There are several programs offered at the center for children, including; decoy carving, animal olympics, nature photography, story telling, and much more.

Treasure Hunt & Ghost Tour

The Treasure Hunt, offered at the Whalehead Club in Heritage Park, teaches history, art, environmental awareness, and navigation. Each child receives a prize. The Ghost Tour, also at the Whalehead Club encompasses the legend and lore of the Outer Banks.

Skate Park

This new outdoor facility located in the Corolla Light Town Center is equip with dual bowls, quarter pipes, grind pipes, and jumps. Rental equipment is available.


There are two playgrounds in the Currituck Outer Banks. One is located in the center of the Timbuck II Shopping Center, the second at the southern entrance of the Corolla Light Town Center.

Corolla Wild Horse Museum

Visit the Old Corolla Schoolhouse, located in the Historic Corolla Village, and learn about the Wild Horses of Corolla. Children can explore the Wild Horse exhibits, interactive displays, and learn about local history. On Tuesdays from 11:00 a.m.–1:00 p.m. special kids programs are offered.

After a morning at the beach, why not explore the rest of the Currituck Outer Banks? Get back to nature, or hang on for a wild ride in a place that has more than you ever imagined.

Creating Connections Across the Arts – Artistic Counterpart of the Scientific Search

Posted on November 23, 2018 in Uncategorized

Some artists work in one media only and others seek to find the connections between expressive artistic media. There have been times in history that are famous for artists, designers, architects, writers, dancers, musicians, and theater performers coming together. These nexus in time hum to me.

If I were to step into a time machine, I would set the dial to the Arts and Crafts Movement (late 1800s and early 1900s), or perhaps the Paris Left Bank in the 1920s, or perhaps the Harlem Renaissance of the 1920s and 1930s.

Throughout my life, I’ve sought to create a synthesis of the arts in my work-to bring art forms and artists together, and I’ve admired other artists who achieve this goal. We can find a synthesis of the arts most easier through performance: opera, cabaret, variety review shows, and dance performances with slides projected or painters painting as the dancers dance. The arts enhance each other as when musical interludes in the midst of a poetry reading or a talk take the message deeper. More of our senses become engaged and our soul is more open.

In my first art show “Celebrating and African Experience,” I achieved this connection across the arts in a body of work that embraced 20 large paintings on cloth, accompanying stories, chants, dance movements, and community rituals.

Many artists dream this dream and live it. They infuse themselves in a variety of art forms or perhaps a variety of media for making visual art in hopes of creating a new kind of art. They search for a break-through as a result of synthesis and finding new hybrid forms. This is the artistic counterpart of scientist seeking new life forms. For artists know that art is a life source, properly pursued.